Throw Run Catch - A Flying Disc Program for Kids

Throw Run Catch (TRC) is a program created by Rob McLeod and Jim Gerencser that introduces the flying disc to kids by teaching the three Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) through games that are fun, active, and progressive.

The three Fundamental Movement Skills with a flying disc are Throw, Run and Catch and are based on the theory and practice of physical literacy which has basis in all sports and movement activities.

Although Rob and Jim starting developing Throw Run Catch in July 2018, the groundwork has been in place for more than forty years and has roots in other sports including football, baseball, and golf.

Disc manufacturer Wham-O ran a similar program for more than twenty years. At its peak the Wham-O program had close to two thousand actively participating schools and culminated in the World Junior Frisbee Championships.

The NFL ran a youth program for more than 50 years called Punt, Pass & Kick which introduced football to hundreds of thousands of kids.

Rob and Jim believe that TRC is a program which any school or organization can use to introduce flying disc to their students and have a lot of fun in the process. Although the first launch of TRC is with the Dallas Roughnecks from the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) the vision is much larger with the goal to get more kids competing and expanding disc sports worldwide.

If you would like to bring Throw Run Catch to your school, city league, youth group, church group, community camp or any other active program, please contact us!

And we are always looking for TRC leaders to help deliver the program and teach the fundamentals so please contact us if you’d like to be a part of the team!


Target Throwing

There are two types of targets: a basketball hoop kids will aim to hit and circles on the ground made from hula hoops or jump rope where the goal is to try and land inside the circle.

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Battle Royale

Super fun group game with two varieties: elimination and non-elimination. For both versions kids place a disc upside down on their fingertips like a waiter bringing a pizza to your table.

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Speed Catch

In Speed Catch, kids choose partners and stand 10 feet apart and count the number of consecutive completed catches within 5 minutes.

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