Target Throwing: Baskets and Circles

There are two types of targets: a basketball hoop kids will aim to hit and circles on the ground made from hula hoops or jump rope where the goal (like horseshoes) is to try and land inside the circle. Collect 5 points for a made basket and 2 points for hitting the backboard. For the targets on the ground, landing inside cleanly is 5 points, landing on the line is 2 points. Discs can be rolled or thrown. After ten minutes, switch routines.


  • If your class size is large, you can divide the gym in half for this discipline and have both Target Throws (Basketball hoop) and “Circles” go at the same time.
  • You can also set up different types targets if you have them or hang hula hoops from basket nets.
  • To speed up target throw (baskets), kids can form two lines and throw from both the right side and left side of the basketball hoop.
  • Try various distances to maximize success.
  • If players are doing well with targets and the typical backhand throw, you can mix it up by implementing different throws: forehands, overheads.
  • Keeping score: students should keep track of their own scores.
  • Option: Teachers and instructors can decide that a wacky, errant yet entertaining throw and result (example: disc manages to roll out of an open door) is called a X Factor throw and is awarded extra points and celebrated for its uniqueness and improbability.

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