Battle Royale

Super fun group game with two varieties: elimination and non-elimination. For both versions kids place a disc upside down on their fingertips like a waiter bringing a pizza to your table. Don’t let your pizza flip over and land on the ground! Kids walk/run around gym trying to knock off opponents’ discs with their free hand. When your disc is knocked off you are out, and a circle of eliminated players forms when there are three players remaining who must then “battle” inside the circle. For the non-elimination version, you can get back in the game when your disc is knocked off by sweeping it beneath each of your legs.


  • Other options of play: One fun option that keeps everyone involved is that when the person who knocked your disc off gets her/his disc dislodged you are then back in the game.
  • Keeping track of success: players who survive to the final round of three should be awarded points.
  • Try the elimination game 3 times: if you have the time, this game can be played multiple times so you can have multiple winners.

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