Speed Catch and Creative Catch

In Speed Catch, kids choose partners and stand 10 feet apart and count the number of consecutive completed catches within 5 minutes. The most famous record for this is 521 by Brodie Smith and Marques Brownlee but the current record is 1000 and kids can try to break this record after school. One popular option kids can choose is Creative Catch. Try to complete as many different types of throws and catches in 5 minutes. Make up your own throws, and  your own wacky catches! But they have to be completed passes so be careful.


  • Have them choose a partner and grab a disc
  • Start distance: high five + one step back from each other (get to 10 feet?)
  • OPTION Every time they get 5 catches in a row, have them take another step back
  • OPTION Every time they have 2 drops in a row, have them take one step forward


  • Have them stay at high five + one step back the entire time. When they catch, have them freeze and they must throw the disc back the same way that they caught it. Ie if they catch with 2 hands, they must throw with 2 hands. If they drop the throw, how they pick it up is how they throw it back.
  • Keeping track of completed passes: Kids can attest to how many consecutive completed catches were made or how many different catches were made and teachers can write down the top five numbers/ teams.

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